Moraine Winery is a family-owned winery and vineyard overlooking Okanagan lake minutes away from the city of Penticton. From its shelf-like location above striking clay bluffs, Moraine peers over the landscape and water. These glaciated white clay cliffs comprise the breathtaking Naramata Bench and inspire the winery’s land-formed name.

The winery owners are the husband-wife team of Oleg & Svetlana. In 1995, the couple moved to Canada from Europe to give their family a better quality of life. They first moved to the city of Edmonton where they lived for 15 years. They were charmed by the beauty of the Okanagan and vineyards which made them relocate from Alberta in 2009. The couple believes that wine offers one of life’s most simple, enjoyable, and accessible pleasures; and this philosophy spurred their leap into the wine industry.


Oleg and Svetlana, along with the entire Moraine team, are please to support Chalice, an international aid charity focused on child, family, and community development. A portion of our tasting fees from the winery are donated to the organization. The donations help cover medical expenses for infants and children worldwide whose families are not able to afford medical procedures.


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