With 37 wineries on the Naramata Bench, how does a relative newcomer stand out in the crowd? Some might choose to build elaborate tasting rooms and bistros to attract visitors, while others may embark on an aggressive marketing campaign. But all the above is pointless without good wine and good people.

Dwight Swick+

Dwight Swick, Winemaker

Oleg and Svetlana Aristarkhov+

Oleg and Svetlana Aristarkhov, Owners

Dwight Swick

Dwight Swick, Winemaker

Even after 15 vintages as a winemaker, I still consider myself to be a “student” of wine, as the wines, the vineyards that bear the fruit and the art of winemaking are ever evolving.

My beliefs on winemaking and life are very similar in that balance is essential and there must be passion in both.  In winemaking, I feel that the product of the passion, that which the art of winemaking must preserve, is typicity and authenticity.

Stellar wines begin in the vineyard and, as a winemaker, you must have the knowledge and expertise to recognize needs or problems from fruit to fruition before they become obviously apparent.   While I embrace “Old World” philosophies, I recognize that “New World” technologies also have their place in this process.

The Okanagan Valley’s unique microclimate is the ideal location to grow grapes for making award-winning wines.  By combining Moraine Winery’s superior vineyard sites, along with using sustainable vineyard practices, and by adding careful but minimal winemaking principals, we can, and will, produce world class wines that are true to their terroir and that are unmistakably identifiable as being from no where else in the world but from the Naramata Bench in the Okanagan Valley.

Dwight is a long time resident of the Penticton area, has been married to his wife Jeanette for nearly 30 years with whom he has 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren.  Dwight is an active cyclist, loves to cook and enjoys lazy days spent in his hammock at his 2nd home in Thailand.  His beverage of choice?  Rhone inspired wines are a favourite and he can frequently be found with a BC craft beer in his hand.


Oleg and Svetlana Aristarkhov

Oleg and Svetlana Aristarkhov, Owners

The winery owners are the husband-wife team of Oleg and Svetlana Aristarkhov, who, at a time when they were ready to make a life change, were enchanted by Moraine’s setting. The couple believes that wine offers one of life’s most simple, enjoyable, and accessible pleasures; and this philosophy spurred their leap into the wine industry. They relocated from Alberta, where they had lived for 15 years, to make premium Okanagan wines.




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